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We help to recruit the hardest to find tech talent for companies across the UK and EU
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Why Tech Talents?

Top talent pool

We specialise in the most sought-after technology skills such as: Full-stack Dev, UI/UX, DevOps, AI/ML, Data Architects, Cloud Computing, SAP, Cybersecurity, Blockchain and others

Our recruiters is our strength

We work 100% remotely leveraging the best tech recruiters from around the world


4 weeks time-to-hire

We have an extensive network of top talent and provide 4 weeks time-to-hire on average

Cost efficient by 40%

We are 100% remote organisation, so we don’t have rent, office and administrative costs enabling us to offer superb and cost efficient services by up to 40%

Flexible engagement

We are flexible and offer two paths helping you to scale up your tech team: pay-per-hire or embedded talent recruitment

Help with relocation & visas

We are aware that the best talent is hard to get and partner with companies providing relocation and visa services 

Clients We Work For

We partner with companies of all sizes, supporting early stage startups, scale-ups, and tech giants as well as banks and FinTech companies

Our Services

We offer two paths to help you scale up your tech team: pay-per-hire or monthly flat fee subscription model


We offer retained search solution and help to recruit for as many roles as you need on pay-per-hire basis. You only pay once you are satisfied with a candidate we provided and happy to hire him/her

(Best when you have just a few roles or they are challenging to fill in)

Monthly Flat Fee subscription model

Our Talent Partner is embedded in your talent team and act as a dedicated in-house recruiter to help you deliver on your hiring needs via monthly flat fee subscription model, allowing you to scale up and down quickly and efficiently

(Best when you have a substantial number of roles and need to recruit fast)

Our Specialism

We specialise in recruitment of the hardest to find tech talent working in DevOps, SAP, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Data Science, AI and other most hot technologies

Our Mission

“Enable lightning-fast digital transformation and innovation by canceling gap between tech talent and companies willing to thrive”  


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